Mando Diao in town??!!

Yeah Mando Diao are in town!


Lat night I got a mail from “Bands in town” saying “Hi Irene! Mando Diao just announced a new show in Stockholm! Tickets? ” hehe!

Their new record is going to be released in october 31 and since then, a lot of stuff is going on for Mando Diao. But first : Who are Mando Diao??




Mando Diao is a swedish alternative rock band originated from Borlänge, Dalarna , Sweden. In ten years of their existance, they have done 5 studio albums and they have sold 1,2 million records all across the world. They also have done  more than 1,000 conserts in more than 30 countries, and their music videos have been played more than 6,000,000 times on youtube.

In their new album (which is going to be their first one in the swedish language)  called “Infruset” ,Gustaf Noren and Björn Dixgård found inspiration from the swedish writer Gustaf Fröding.

On Sunday 28 october, they are going to have a concert in a music scene/cinema,  in Stockholm. It is actually going to be 2 parts of a performance :

The first one is going to be a documentary film of Mando Diao and the swedish author Gustaf Fröding and the second part is going to be an actuall concert 🙂


Here is a short film (in swedish) of Gustaf and Björn explaining what their new album is going to be like.



Tickets are sold at Bio Rio, Hornstull Strand 3, Stockholm and online at livepå


(I don’t want to buy tickets online again so I’ll just go there and hope to get in!! 🙂 )




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